India is a land of festivals and CELEBRATIONS. ICC brings the excitement and experience of three celebrations to Fairfield and Westchester each year.


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In India, Holi marks the winter wheat harvest and the beginning of spring.  Holi lasts for a day and a night.  The night before Holi, bonfires are lit symbolizing good triumphing over evil.  The next day, all of India joins in a joyous celebration of rejoicing by throwing colors.  The vibrancy of colors unites people and brings positivity into lives.

Holi is the most fun celebration.  The next best thing to a community color throw is at-home parties for your family and friends you are comfortable celebrating with outdoors.  ICC Holi Family Parties come packed for four people and include food, color, and water blasters.  ICC will also supply you with a jamming Bollywood playlist for your color throw.  

Plan your Family Holi Party for Saturday, May 1, or Sunday Mary 2.  Place your orders no later than Friday, April 23 at noon and pick up your parties midday at a central location to be announced on Saturday, May 1.  


Easy peasy.  Packaged for the most fun celebration of the year.  Click HERE for the menu and for instructions on how to order.

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Kite flying came to India thousands of years ago. In January, the largest International Kite Festival takes place in Gujarat. Thousands of kites fill the skies to celebrate the end of winter.  

In April, 7,500 miles west of Gujarat, ICC celebrates spring with the Annual Kite Flying Festival.  Kids young and old fill the Connecticut skies with kites of all shapes and sizes.  ICC brings 150 kites to the festival and will host a patang, or fighter kite, demonstration.  Award ribbons are given to all high fliers.  The town has music, the food concession is open and there are tables for families who want to BYO lunches. 

Greenwich Point

7 Tods Driftway, Old Greenwich

FREE.  No beach pass required. 


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Diwali is a five-day festival of lights which celebrates the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. It is celebrated with fireworks, diyas (candles), present exchange, mithai (sweets), and family and friend gatherings.  

In 2021, Diwali is November 4.  ICC is planning a gala celebration at the Stamford Hilton on Saturday, October 30. A party for kids will be planned to also coincide with Diwali.  

ICC wishes everyone Happy Diwali!



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ICC hosts its annual fundraiser to coincide with Diwali and invites the community to participate in a Celebration of Light.  

In 2021, ICC has tentatively scheduled its benefit gala to be held on Saturday, October 30 at the Stamford Hilton Hotel.  Diwali is November 4, 2021.


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