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ICC Virtual Fine Art Show

February 22 to March 21

Opening Night Reception 


ICC is honored to present a virtual showing of seven contemporary Indian American artists working in the United States.  ICC invites you to tour their virtual studios and enjoy the variety of styles and media represented by these seven talented artists.  While you will discover a wide range of styles and media, you will find India present in their work in large and small ways -- palette, content, metaphysical, gender, geography, and religious significance.   If you are redecorating or just want a wall refresh, there is a variety of sizes and prices.  Note that many of the artists offer fine quality prints 

The artists' works have been exhibited around the world and reflect both their Indian roots and a fusion of cultures and experiences.

All works are for sale unless otherwise noted.   Buyers transact directly with the artists and will arrange shipment or delivery with the artist.  Framing is at the discretion of the artist.  Please ask.  A portion of sales will benefit ICC.  Many of the artists have other works not included in their galleries.  Email them or email ICC at if you would like to see other work or are considering commissioning a work.  

An Opening Night Reception was held on Zoom on Wednesday, February 24.  Wright Harvey, Founder and President of Sugarlift, moderated a mesmerizing conversation with the artists on their techniques and how India is revealed in their works. 

The Artists

Art Director

Contemporary Mixed Media

Sabeena Jindhal


Sabeena Jindal

Mixed Media

Sabeena Jindal is a New York City-based contemporary mixed media artist.

Art is my meditation; my singular focus in a chaordic (chaos and order) world.  I am inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of the world around me.  As a child, I spent many summers in India in my grandparents’ ancestral home in a rural Indian village.  I fell in love with the inexplicable serene chaos of life.  The throngs of people and animals, the vibrant colors, rich textures both ancient and modern all intertwined together to create a vibrant patchwork of life.

I invite you to notice a new detail every time you see my art – evoking a memory, excitement, and emotion attached to each fragment, form, color, and stroke.  

"Buddha in Harmony"

Silver Highlight Chromogenic Print Face Mounted to Clear Acrylic

36 x24 inches
Limited Edition of 50

Product Manager

Shreya Mehta

Mixed Media

Shown at left:  "Courage", Vegan Blue Indigo Dye, 22K Gold Leaf on Muji Paper, 38x26 inches


Shreya Mehta

Mixed Media

Shreya Mehta is an award-winning visual artist who confronts questions of identity and spirituality in her vibrant and eclectic practice. Her art—compositionally defined by its intricate layers and kaleidoscopic patterns—defies categorization, employing both representation and abstraction to showcase the latent energy that can be found at the intersection of the individual and the universal.  


Mehta was born in India and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, where she attended the Royal Academy of Art as its first woman of Indian origin. After graduating with the prestigious V.R.I.K.A Award, she is currently in New York, where she continues her practice.   

Mehta’s work has been exhibited at galleries and fairs in New York, Dubai, and Mumbai. Her paintings can be found in several prestigious private collections, such as that of the Prime Minister of India.  


Vegan Blue Indigo Dye, 22K Gold Leaf on Muji Paper

38 x 26 inches


Product Manager

Manu Saluja


Manu Saluja

Oil on Canvas

Known both for portraits celebrating her Sikh heritage, and contemporary works fusing New York’s landscape with narratives of complex and diverse people, Manu Saluja reflects on themes of identity and perception. Winner of the 2019 BP Travel Award, she created portraits of volunteers working in The Golden Temple's free kitchen in Amritsar, India, which feeds over 50,000 visitors daily.


Her work has been exhibited at London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and are currently on view at the Aberdeen Museum in Scotland.


Born in Brooklyn, Saluja received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art where she is Adjunct Faculty of Painting. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Huffington Post, and Fast Company Design.

“Vand Chakna (Share Fruits of Labor)”
Limited edition of 25 prints worldwide
14 x 18 inches

Product Manager

TK Sarasvathy

Dosa and Sambar ICC Sarasvathy TK.jpg

Sarasvathy TK

Oil & Acrylic 

The New Jersey-based artist Sarasvathy TK is known for her hyperrealistic paintings of food from Indian cuisine.  Born in Chennai, Sarasvathy studied computer science and engineering in India, then moved to UAE and Singapore, before settling down in New Jersey. 


Sarasvathy discovered she could extend her background in engineering to the visual art field by applying the same meticulousness, precision, and dedication to art. She eventually found her calling in hyperrealism - exaggerated and vividly real food paintings.

Sarasvathy sketched and painted landscapes and still life objects before starting on her current Indian food series. Her recent works are a celebration of food from different regions of India. The incredibly detailed works capture the surface details, colors, aromas, and textures of food such as idli, dosa, and samosa. Her art originates from a love for Indian cuisine. She feels excited and privileged to share it with a global audience of art and food connoisseurs. Sarasvathy’s work has been exhibited at museums, galleries and fairs in USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and India.

"Dosa and Sambar"

Oil on linen

24 x 36 inches


Head of Sales

Sajal Sarkar

Watercolor, natural pigments, pen and ink on paper

Shown at left:  Cross-section.  Watercolor on Paper.  22x30 inches. 2016


Sajal Sarkar

Drawing, Printmaking, Oil on Canvas, Charcoal on Canvas, Sculpture

Born and raised in Kolkata, Sajal Sarkar did his BFA in Drawing & painting from Government. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, and did his post-graduation in printmaking from MS University of Baroda, Gujarat.

Recipient of several national and international awards, Sarkar’s work was dominated by human figure in the socio-political perspective, but after migrating to the US five years ago he has reshaped his more confrontational notions about life, death, and suffering into a more inward-looking existential vision -- a spiritually-inclined position to speak of human suffering and the planet’s maladies.

Sarkar has been exhibited in numerous solo shows in India, USA, and Singapore. His works are in prestigious collections including the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi and in several private collectors throughout the world.


Watercolor on paper

22 x 30 inches


Product Manager

Raj Shahani


Raj Shahani

Bronze and Fiberglass

Raj Shahani a retired businessman turned sculptor has been using photographs as his inspiration to sculpt. He translates his photographs into three-dimensional art forms. You can tell his love for forms, dancers, especially Ballet dancers has unleashed his creative potential and propelled him into a world of artistic fulfillment. 

In the span of just two years, Raj made a name for himself in New York and in Mumbai.  His first exhibition in 2019 at Jehangir Art Gallery was covered by the major publications including Architectural Digest.   Raj’s sculptures explore the lyrical physicality of the human body in motion and capture the poetics of movement, stillness, resilience, beauty, emotion, and grace of the human form. 

"The Creation of Adam"

Bronze and Fiberglass


Oil on Linen

Hemali Vadalia

Oil on linen

Shown at left


Hemali self portrait_0.jpg

Hemali Vadalia

Oil on linen

Hemali Vadalia is an Indian multidisciplinary artist currently living in Queens, NY.  Her work explores the ideas of freedom, self-image, and belonging in the everyday lives of people. Her medium of choice is primarily oil on linen. Currently, she is studying classical realism at the Grand Central Atelier.  In the past, she studied at the Academy of Art and Angel Academy of Art in Florence, and IIT Bombay, Mumbai. 


Over the past five years, Vadalia has worked with major productions like Breakthru films for their academy award-nominated film ‘Loving Vincent’ and has been published in the Wired Magazine, Bleacher Report, CreativeMornings, and WorkingNotWorking. 


Vadalia has curated shows in Poland and India and has actively participated in various group exhibits; including shows at Old Jaffa Museum, Tel-Aviv, ZPAP Gallery, Gdansk, and Artist Center Gallery, Mumbai.


10  x 12 inches

Graphite and charcoal on paper


Oil on Linen

Hemali Vadalia

Oil on linen

Shown at left


Wright-headshot (002).jpg

Wright Harvey

Moderator, Opening Night Reception

Founder and President, Sugarlift

Wright Harvey is the founder and president of Sugarlift, a contemporary art gallery and online marketplace based in New York.


Wright was a double-major in Economics and Studio Art at the University of Virginia and spent his first decade in New York working at J.P. Morgan, developing his love for business and entrepreneurship.


Wright started Sugarlift in 2014 with the mission of helping artists create more sustainable careers by making it easier for people to discover and collect their work. To date, Sugarlift has represented over 250 artists and connected them with 1,000+ collectors around the world.

Wright Harvey

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