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@2023 ICC Greenwich  is a 501c3 organization

ICC Greenwich; PO Box 7518; Greenwich, CT  06836-7518

ICC offers teens numerous opportunities to give back and earn credit for community service.

Coding Teachers
ICC’s popular coding classes like Scratch and First Lego League were the initiative of two Wilton High School students who conceived of the idea for a Girl Scouts Gold Award project, developed the curriculum and taught the classes with the goal to make them sustainable.  ICC is looking for teens with the commitment to become an assistant teacher and then move into the teacher role for coding classes.

Children’s Classes Interns
ICC Interns love the hands-on experience they get as role models for kids and by assisting teachers in STEM and dance classes.  Internship opportunities exist in all Children’s classes.

Teens can join in the celebrations of India by volunteering at the April Kite Flying Festival, decorating and registering guests at ICC’s Annual Gala Benefit and contributing to ICC’s Diwali celebration.

Teens who love STEM and enjoy working with kids, earn community credit as camp counselors. In addition to assisting teachers, teens get the opportunity to teach math to small groups of young thinkers.

Ideas Welcome
Many teens come to us with ideas on how to help by doing things that they love.  What is yours?