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Fall Classes

Fall Classes feature ICC's most popular interactive classes -- Rubik's Cube, Ramayama, Math, STEM, and Hindi.  

Friday 09/25/20

ICC Trivia

Join ICC for a little friendly competition and fun.  Play as a team, as a family or as an individual.

Thursday 10/22/20

India in RealTime

Travel to Mumbai to learn about and meet with emerging contemporary artists making an impact on the Indian art world.

Friday 11/06/20

Comedic Relief

SAVE THE DATE!  ICC will celebrate Diwali with comedian Rajiv Satyal.  


A Special Interview with Vibha Bakshi

The director and producer of the National Film Award winning documentary SON RISE speaks with Sharabi Ahmed. 


Diversity, Inclusion, and Resilient Kids

ICC addresses parents' role in helping children re-enter the world confident and resilient.


Lady Mohini Kent Noon

Christine Kim interviewed Lady Noon, author of a book about Buddhist teacher Nagarjuna's timeless wisdom. Watch on YouTube.


India Cultural Center is a non-profit organization that celebrates the arts
and culture of India. 

Our mission is to foster inclusion by educating and engaging the community in Indian culture.


ICC Announces First Ever Fundraising Campaign

The cancellation of ICC's annual gala, its one fundraiser, has created an income gap. To ensure that ICC has the funds to continue to 2021, ICC has launched "ICC Bridge to 2021." Donate now.

ICC Booklist for Children 

Divya Shenoy and Veda Swaminathan, Greenwich High School students, have compiled a booklist for kids 0-18 that explores the topics of race, cultural awareness and self-esteem.  You can find the booklist HERE.

Black Lives Matter

India Cultural Center reaffirms its mission to foster inclusion. As an organization that celebrates the cultural wealth of India in the US, ICC believes that the rainbow of humanity strengthens communities. In Gandhi's words,"No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive."

ICC Coronavirus Response

• ICC programming has moved online. 

• ICC is committed to keeping our community connected through shared experiences.  

• ICC asks families and friends to stay safe by social distancing, keeping your hands away from your faces and washing your hands.  

• ICC families include many healthcare workers. ICC thanks them for their commitment to the community.

ICC High School Coding Teacher Honored as "Most Dedicated Teen"

Purab Angreji, who taught coding at ICC Children's Classes throughout his high school career, received Moffly Media's "Light a Fire" Award at the Westport Playhouse on December 5. Purab was centerstage with board chairs, nonprofit founders and inspiring executive directors for his contributions to ICC. 

ICC Greenwich operates with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

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