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Wednesday 6/3

Building Nutritional Resilence During the Pandemic

Two experts  talk about what to eat, how to eat and why a few lifestyle changes are so important to your health.

7:30 PM On Zoom. 

July 6 to 31

ICC Summer Camp

A virtual camp offering Competitive Math, Hindi, Ramayana and Breakfast Club.


ICC Dinner Specials

ICC is arranging dinner specials to make meals easy during the COVID 19 outbreak. 




One of Ray's greatest films with guest speaker, Hidayat Khan, son of the composer and conductor of the music.





India Cultural Center is a non-profit organization that celebrates the arts
and culture of India. 

Our mission is to foster inclusion by educating and engaging the community in Indian culture.


ICC Coronavirus Response

During the COVID19 outbreak, ICC Children's Classes have moved to Zoom. 

ICC asks families and friends to stay safe by social distancing, keeping your hands away from your faces and washing your hands.  

ICC families include many healthcare workers.  ICC thanks them for their commitment to the community. Please let ICC know how we can help.  Email  

ICC Launches Teen Community Service Program 

With the objectives of forming a teen community and contributing to the vitiality of the greater community, ICC has begun a teen iniaitive.  The program is open to all kids in middle and high schools.  If your teen would like to participate email

ICC Welcomes Digital Arts Experience to ICC Children's Classes 

DAE, an award-winning tech learning center in Westchester, is coming to ICC to teach Robotics, Python and 3-D Printing. 

NEW at ICC Children's Classes:  Math -- Beyond the Classrom

Alissa Helgesen, former Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator and Interim Head of Lower School at Whitiby will join ICC's teaching staff in January.  Alissa will teach three classes of "applied" math designed to increase math fluency by using math to real-life problems. 

ICC High School Coding Teacher Honored as "Most Dedicated Teen"

Purab Angreji who taught coding at ICC Children's Classes throughout his high school career, received Moffly Media's "Light a Fire" Award at the Westport Playhouse on December 5.  Purab was centerstage with board chairs, nonprofit founders and inspiring executive directors for his contributions to ICC. 

ICC Greenwich operates with support from the Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

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