HINDI 1: Beginner

Grades K-1

Sunday @ 11 AM

Nandita Sinha

For children new to Hindi or who have taken one session.  Class time will be split between conversation and nursery rhymes; and, reading and writing Hindi letters.  Students will learn Hindi Varnamala (letters), how to sign their names, basic vocabulary and common greetings and phrases. 50 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 6.


HINDI 2:  Advanced Beginner

Grades K-3

Sunday @ 10 AM

Nandita Sinha

For students who have at least two session of Hindi, have been exposed to Hindi at home, and/or have a basic knowledge of Hindi greetings.  Students will be introduced to listening and conversation.  They will learn Hindi phonetics, vocabulary, writing their names and vowels, pronunciation, basic conversation and grammar.  50 minutes. 

Enrollment limited to 6.


Hindi 3: Intermediate

Grades 1-4

Sunday @ 11 AM

Vaishali Akole

For children who have taken Advanced Beginner Hindi for at least one year and are ready to begin speaking short sentences.    Children will build on their understanding of phoentics and vocabularly  50 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 6.


Hindi 4: Advanced Intermediate

Grades 2+

Sunday @ 12 PM

Vaishali Akole

For children who have taken Intermediate Hindi for a least one year, have taken three years of Hindi, or can understand and speak simple sentences. The emphasis of the class is to build a more detailed understanding of phonetics and vocabulary. Children will learn to increase their ability to read and write two or three letter words. Through conversation and role playing they will gain greater confidence speaking with Hindi-speaking family members and transacting with merchants.  50 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 6.


Intermediate Coding

Grades 4+

Sundays @ 11 AM

Taran Agarwal

In this intermediate programming course, students will learn the skills of building and programming an app using JavaScript.. Students will work collaboratively to learn how to use variables, conditionals, and functions to create their own, basic decision-making app. Previous programming experience required.  Taran is a Rye High junior and honors student.  He is self-taught in Java and JavaScript and is currently taking AP Computer Science Principles.  Taran has interned in coding and math at ICC Classes and Camp. 55 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 6. 

IMG_8789 - Copy.JPG

Creative Writing with Veera Hiranandani

Grades 4-8

Monday @ 4:30 PM

Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22

Join Veera Hiranandani in a five-week creative writing class for fourth through eighth graders. Veera's Young Adult book about Partition, "The Night Diary" was awarded a Newbery Honor in 2019 and is written in the form of a young girl's diary. Through writing prompts, discussion, and sharing in an encouraging and creative atmosphere, students will learn how to mix fact with fiction and get to the heart of the stories they want to tell.  Children must be 10+.  45 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 8.


Math Fact Fluency

Grades 1-3

Wednesdays @ 4:00

Jan 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24

Alissa Helgesen

Fluency in math, the ability to ability to recall the answers to basic math facts automatically, is a prerequisite to excelling in math.  Using puzzles and games, kids will increase their mastery of math facts.  Mastery will be achieved through strategy and logic (vs. memorization) upping children’s math solving quotient. 45 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 12.


Puzzles and Problem-Solving

Grades 4-5

Wednesdays @ 5:00


Math Olympiad students loved solving puzzles.  This mini math session uses mathmatical puzzles to teach logic and algebraic reasoning.  Kids become more nimble problem solvers and stronger strategic thinkers.  45 minutes.

Enrollment limited to 12.


Festivals of India


Saturdays @ 10:00 

Jan 23, Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 24

Akruti Babaria

Children are invited to bring their Saturday breakfast to this 4 sessions interactive class in which children will learn about some of the diverse festivals of India.  From harvest festivals to the most celebrated Diwali, this series includes stories, activities, and movement to provide comprehensive learning through play.  45 minutes.

Parents who would like to order books about Indian celebrations can visit https://kulturekhazana.com/.  ICC will receive a 20% donation when you use code ICC.

Enrollment limited to 25.