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ALL ABOUT INDIA is a place where children make friends, have fun learning All About India, and develop a deep sense of pride in their heritage.

ICC invites you to join us as we embark on a multi-sensory adventure experiencing the sights and sounds of India.  Kids will make their way through the rich cultural heritage of India delving into a broad range of topics such as literature, cuisine, yoga, classical dance, folk art, music, and much more!  For experiential learning and hands-on experiences, ICC will bring in guest musicians, artists, and authors throughout the session.


Students will come away with a deeper understanding of Indian culture and its pervasive influence on the world today. Our mission is to impart a deep sense of pride in our heritage and spark a life long interest in preserving our culture.


Hindi is blended into classes.  Teachers, fluent Hindi speakers, will speak and translate Hindi at a level kids can understand.   Children learn Hindi songs, nursery rhymes, the national anthem of India, and how to introduce themselves.  ICC's goal is for kids to begin to understand the language through partial immersion.


Join ICC on this fun and educational adventure of connecting with their roots.

Parents Participation

Parents are an important part of All About India.  Parents who have special interests or who want to help out in the classroom, are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills or assist teachers.  Sign-up sheets that outline what the children will be learning each week will be circulated. 

Enrollment and Class Placement

All About India is for children ages 4 through 10.  Four groups are planned for Winter 2023 with a maximum class size of 12 children. Children will be placed in class according to age and grade.  

Winter 2022 Schedule

NEW TIME:  9:30 am to 11:00 am 


Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29

Feb. 5, 26

Mar. 5

Snow day:  Mar. 12

$300 per child.  To apply for tuition assistance, email 


Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich

4 Horseneck Lane, Greenwich CT 06830  

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