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ALL ABOUT INDIA is a place where children make friends, have fun learning All About India, and develop a deep sense of pride in their heritage.

ICC invites children in preschool to third grade to join us as we embark on a multi-sensory adventure experiencing the sights and sounds of India.  Kids will make their way through the rich cultural heritage of India delving into dance, festivals, India's neighbors, animals of India, and much much more.  Here what is planned for the fall:

Sept 17Chaat It Up! Explore Indian street food with a cooking activity where kids will learn how to make some classic street eats such as bhel puri and pani puri.

Sept 24: Let’s Get Wild.  Learn about animals and birds native to India through arts and crafts. We’ll study the tiger, peacock, Asiatic lion, cobra, monkey, leopard; their natural habitats and how people in India are fighting to protect endangered species.   

Oct 1:  Meet The Neighbors. Learn about India’s neighbors - Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tibet, and Nepal through a geography mapping activity and children’s books.  

Oct 15:  The Power of Plants.  Explore the rich diversity of plants and spices native to India. Learn about the history and health benefits of some of India’s most ancient spices such as turmeric and peppercorn.  

Oct 22:  Calling All Readers! Review children’s books that feature Indian American characters. Read and discuss the significance of books such as “My name is Saajin Singh”, “American Desi”, and “Laxmi’s Mooch “ each that delve into a different aspect of the Indian-American experience including topics such as identity and belonging.  We’ll share names, learn about their meanings and create a nameplate or picture frame.   We’ll share and discuss what it’s like being Indian-American, managing dual/multiple cultures. We’ll learn how to celebrate our differences and be proud of who we are, just the way we are!  

Oct 29:  Desi Designs. Enjoy a hands-on design workshop where we’ll learn about the ancient Rajasthani art of block printing, Mughal paisleys, tie-dye and madras print from Chennai.  We’ll even make our own t-shirt to take home!

Nov 5: Happy Diwali !!! Dress in your finest traditional attire and join us for a lively party where we’ll learn all about this festive holiday through music, dance, yummy food and arts and crafts. At the end of class, we’ll have a Diwali-themed fashion show. 

Nov 19:  Indian Leaders & Inventors.  We’ll focus on inspiring Indian leaders throughout history such as Jagadish Chandra Bose, Srinivasa Ramanuja, Rani Lakshmibhai and Sudha Murty and the incredible Gitanjali Rao, an Indian-American teenager. 

Dec 3:  Game, Set, Match!  We’ll learn about traditional and popular Indian board games and outdoor sports. 

Dec 10:  Get on your Feet! We’ll wrap up the semester with a fun and energetic dance workshop. 


Students will come away with a deeper understanding of Indian culture and its pervasive influence on the world today. Our mission is to impart a deep sense of pride in our heritage and spark a life long interest in preserving our culture.


Hindi is blended into classes.  For example, in the Chaat It Up! class children will learn the Hindi names of ingredients.


Join ICC on this fun and educational adventure of connecting with their roots.

Parents Participation

Parents are an important part of All About India.  ICC will ask one parent to volunteer in a class once during the fall session.  

Enrollment and Class Placement

All About India is for children ages 4 through 9.  Children will be placed in class according to age and grade.  Enrollment is limited to 45 children.  

Fall 2023 

9:30 am to 11:00 am 


Sept. 17, 24

Oct 1, 15, 22, 29

Nov. 5, 19

Dec. 3, 10

(no classes Oct 8, Nov. 12, and Nov. 26)

$350 per child plus $25 materials fee. To apply for tuition assistance, email 



50 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich

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