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ICC has a critical funding need to replace what it would have raised at its annual gala benefit.  Help ICC bridge to 2021 by forming a team with the sharpest and most competitive trivia minds you know, fundraising for ICC (a la Fund a Need model), and then have a blast competing for prizes. 

Ready to sign up?  Here is everything you need to know.

Q.  How do I create a team?

A.  Create a team in just two steps:  1.  Go to ICC’s Team Trivia fundraising page and click on “Become a Fundraiser” and then “Create a Team”.  2.  Link on "MANAGE" in the top right and then customize your team page by inserting the name of your team, swapping out ICC’s logo with a team photo (optional), and editing your storyline and story.


Q.  What is a team?

A.  ICC recommends 8 to 12 people (4 to 6 couples).   


Q. How do team members sign up. 

A.  Tell them the name of your team and then to go to ICC’s Team Trivia fundraising page.  They will click on “Become a Fundraiser” and then “Join a Team”.  


Q.  How does the fundraising work?

A.  Classy works just like “Fund A Need”.  Team members email friends and send social media links to ask friends and family to support their team and ICC.


Q.  How much does a team need to raise to play ICC Team Trivia? 

  1.  A team must raise $2,500.


Q.  Is there anything else that my team needs to do to play?

A.  During the pre-show, ICC will display team member names, photos and celebration videos.  Celebration videos will also be used to announce teams that win rounds and special challenges.  No later than August 14 save the following two items to

  1. Team photo.  ICC suggests that you take a screenshot of team members on Zoom.  You can also use avatars, sports teams, or create a photo collage.  You will want to have a creative picture. 

  2. A three to-five-second celebration video in landscape format.  Be loud.  Overlay music; e.g. “We are the Champions”


Q. What are the parties about?

A.  ICC will cater team socially distanced parties.  Saar NYC will deliver party food for 8 to 10 people the afternoon of August 20.  Virtual parties are also an option. 


Q.  How does a team play if virtual?

A.  Text messages and/or phones.  You will have 60 seconds to submit your answer.


Q.  What platform will ICC Team Trivia be livestreamed on?

A.  There is nothing to download.  ICC will send the link in advance.


Q.  What is the registration process? 

A.   Once you have your team, register to participate using the button below.  Friends who are not playing but want to participate as audience members can also register there. 


Q.  Who will host the show and ask the questions?

A.  ICC is delighted to welcome Pat Tully, the fast-talking and very entertaining auctioneer from ICC’s 2019 gala. 


Q.  Are there going to be a lot of speeches and fundraising appeals?

A.   ICC Team Trivia wants to have fun and raise money.  So no speeches.   There will be a short appeal. will direct participants and viewers to to donate.


Q.  How will the scoring work?

A.  Every team will have 60 seconds to answer a question.  Correct answers get a point.  The team that has the most points at the end of the game wins.  Prizes will also be awarded to teams that win categories or rounds. 


Q.  Will there be prizes?

A.  Yes!  There will several opportunities to win prizes during ICC Team Trivia.  Cap Cork and Cellars will be donating prizes, for the team that raises the most money, the team that has the most donors and of course, the team that answers the most questions correctly.


Q.  Who is scoring the game?

A.   Todd Weiner of will manage the technology. 

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